Anne Stapleton

Private Property Sellers Ltd was created by Anne Stapleton in 2015 and has become a leading website for private owners wishing to market their property without the use of an estate agent.

Having lived in France for 18 years, renovated property both in France and the UK, Anne has a wide knowledge of the property market and continues to work both in property advertising and renovation.

In today’s world of marketing, at PPS we know that in order to get noticed you need to standout from other adverts, that’s why we have taken a fresh approach to your property marketing, as selling privately isn’t new.

Our company is dedicated in providing the best value marketing for our clients and if you wish to discuss how we can help you get the best for your property advertising please don’t hesitate to contact us by email: 

We respond to all emails, sometimes emails go direct to your spam so please check.

Leaders in property marketing for the private seller.