Why advertise with Private Property Sellers

We receive excellent feedback from our owners who are achieving sales through our marketing…

As leaders in French property marketing we continue to search for the best ways to assist our owners to sell their property without the agent.

We are now offer the opportunity for you to have our marketing for FREE ..…. by referring your buyer to our Bespoke Buyer Support Package.  When you advertise your property with us we will contact you with the information on how we could refund you your property advertising.

A great way to sell your property with the opportunity of FREE advertising on established property portals.

For most people their property is their biggest asset, so free sites aren’t always the best option, as often not attracting a wide range of nationalities and don’t generate interest and enquiries.

When it comes to negotiation of an offer more often than not it’s the owner reducing their sale price rather than the agent taking thousands off their fee. – Read Why Buy and Sell Privately  as it could be costing you money with the estate agent.

That’s why a fresh approach to your property advertising with our comprehensive marketing packages reaching around the world is working for many of those selecting our advertising.

All our property listings deserve the best possible exposure and at PPS we aim to achieve this as we continue to lead the way in the most high profile advertising compared to any other marketing company.

The most common reason for a property not attracting interest and not achieving a sale are the following:

  • Limited exposure.
  • Incorrectly priced.

Why advertise privately?

By offering your property for sale privately and maybe alongside the agent you’ve made your property more attractively priced for the buyer, going direct rather than going to the agent – and you’re not losing anything as the seller.  With the choice to buy the same property many thousands cheaper privately it seems so much more attractive and potentially makes your property easier to sell.

Read what our clients have said about our service Testimonials

Today’s marketing

It is not enough anymore to just list your property and wait for the enquiries, your property, which has now become a marketing product, needs to be engaging your audience 7 days a week, and most websites don’t offer a proactive marketing service, but just a listing site for your property.  Free sites aren’t always going to reach the widest audience or maybe limited by the language, and that’s if they can be found.

The websites we use to advertise your property.

We have selected websites that don’t just focus on the UK buyer.  Demand for property isn’t just from the British, as over 50% of our enquiries are from outside the UK, and through our marketing of property and our website we attract buyers from France, across Europe and the rest of the world.  We believe this is important for your property advertising.

Rightmove* Overseas  A leading established UK property portal, providing international exposure for your property, as well to the UK. We also offer the option to upgrade to a Premium Listing on the Rightmove website, which means, larger pictures, a bigger listing, attracting more potential buyers, with more images and an eye-catching label attracting buyers to find out more. This upgrade remains on your listing for the full 12 months.

Prime Location Overseas A leading established UK property portals, providing international exposure for property not just in the UK but around the world, in over 60 countries and benefiting from a bolder enhanced listing, with our premium international option. Your property profile will also have your YouTube video added to this website.

Zoopla Group A leading established property portal which provides international exposure for clients looking to buy French property, with enhanced listing with our premium international option. Your property profile will also have your YouTube video added to this website.

Green-Acres International & Immo France Established property portal providing listings to a wide range of countries across Europe including locally in France with translation included.

HUISENenAANBOD Most popular international property website in Holland with 1.75 million visitors a month and produces a popular property magazine. Providing huge exposure to the Dutch market

Foremost Property Group  Providing international advertising. We also have the opportunity to be included in property promotions, email and social media campaigns along with opportunities to advertise property shows.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For each property listing we create SEO which means your property will appear in google search when key words are used. This means that your advert stands a far higher chance of appearing independently from a google search for buyers with us.

Social Media Platforms With today’s modern use of technology this can seem a bit daunting for some people, so we do that for you.  We share regularly through various platforms your property profile and video. If we receive enquiries or interest in your property we will obtain the details from the person interested and contact you.

Video Marketing 

In today’s world of marketing you can no longer just add your property to websites and wait for the enquiries, you need to be embracing a modern marketing technique and standout from other property adverts and that means including video marketing.
You don’t need to have a video with someone talking about your property for 20 minutes, you need to engage fast, providing key information, and this means having good pictures, key points and within a 2 minute duration, as the first few seconds are the point of engagement.
Research shows that people will watch a video online before they read a page of text.
You’ve made the decision to sell your property, and like anything you try and sell you need to reach as many customers/buyers as possible, but for most people their property is their biggest asset, therefore the best high profile exposure is required. You can’t always achieve this with free sites or just a website page alone.
Video platforms help reach buyers you could be missing, such as youtube and facebook video for your property, as with any product it’s about attracting interest and standing out from the competition. Video Marketing 

What you need to do to advertise.

List directly – You need to register, select your advertising option, login and add your property details to the website. We will check the details to make sure we have all the standard information required in order to create your property profile on the external websites.

We create your property profile – Send us your property information and we will create your advert. We will send you a link for approval, on approval and once we have received payment we will then add your details to the external websites.

Payment – We offer PayPal through the website, as this offers the options to use either credit or debit cards. We also offer payment via other options so please contact us if you don’t have PayPal.

Property Valuation

Not sure of your property valuation? Detailed below are two websites that may help when deciding on valuation of your property.  You may also speak with your Notaire who will advise on property price in your region.



Prix Immobilier

Baromètre Immobilier 

* Rightmove require validated properties in order for us to advertise your property on their website. We will contact you when you have selected an option with Rightmove.