At Private Property Sellers we like to think that we offer something different to other advertising websites…

If you’re going to pay to advertise we want to offer our owners not only the best websites to list their property on but the opportunity to receive FREE advertising

We receive excellent feedback from owners who achieve sales through our marketing, and many within a 12 month period, but some within a few months.

So at PPS we don’t want to just stay the same, we look to continue providing high profile marketing but offer the seller more because we know that every penny counts with a sale … and if we can offer the possibility of FREE ADVERTISING then that’s even better.

We have put in place a system where if you have a buyer for your property, and you refer them to us and they sign up for our Bespoke Buyer Support Service we will refund your advertising with us. We believe that offering this service to the purchaser will help secure your sale, taking the element of concern and guiding them through the sale process, explaining and reassuring them each step of the way.

If you have live advertising with us and have a buyer who signs up to our Bespoke Buyer Support Service then you could receive a refund for your advertising plus a £100 cash back  – so make sure you’re listed with us to maximize your ability to get FREE advertising Find out more

If you need assistance with the sale of your property we also offer a Seller Support Service 

Please don’t forget to check your ‘spam folder’ as we respond to all emails.