Bespoke Buyer Support Service

Buying French property direct from owner means you are saving many thousands on estate agency commission fees.

This doesn’t mean that the service with us is any less, in fact in many cases it’s far more comprehensive and tailored to your own purchase requirements.

We’re here to take you through the purchase process from offer through to completion of purchase.

We know that purchasing a property in a foreign country in a different language can seem a little scary, but we have been working in the French property industry for many years and know the process like the back of our hand.

Our Bespoke Buyer Support Service, means you won’t be paying an estate agency many thousands in fees.

So you have found your dream French property, you are excited, and eager to move forward, you may be thinking of making an offer or had an offer accepted .… 

… what next?”

Our Bespoke Buyer Support Package can help you through the process:

  1. Guidance with making an offer/proposition to buy and any associated conditions
  2. Explanation on what the process will entail
  3. Documentation you will need to provide
  4. Explanation on how the Notaire will work for you and the seller and what you will need to do
  5. Translation overview of the documents related to your purchase – Diagnostic report, Compromis de vente/promesse de vente/acte de vente, local planning projects (what’s happening in the area you’re buying)
  6. Suspensive clauses and time scales
  7. Your obligation within the sale
  8. Liaising with the seller, Notaire, Diagnostic Agencies, Utility companies on your behalf

Additional information/professional contacts can be provided in relation to, for example insurance, health – registering in the French system, private health top-up (mutual), where you need to apply for your cartre de sejour, your local office to register to work/micro-entrepreneur.

All the above services can be provided remotely and are bespoke to the needs of each buyer, as individual circumstance and property purchases can vary quite considerably.

The time scale for a property purchase on average is 4 months and our fee covers a 4 month period from the initial start date.

Available remotely with communication by Telephone, Email, Skype, Whatsapp

For details on how we can save you thousands on the agent fee, please contact us for a no obligation chat about your French purchase and how we can help you.

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