…. don’t panic, from the 1st February 2020, nothing will change, contrary to what people think and hear…

on 1st February, 2020 we are still in the EU, we do not come out until the 31st December 2020.  This means that the day after the 31 January 2020, you can continue as you did the day before with:

  • Travel in Europe and to and from the UK
  • Your current passport is valid and you DO NOT need a visa
  • Pets can travel as they did under the regulations prior to the 31st January, 2020
  • You DO NOT need to go through NON EU at airports
  • You will still continue with all your UK pensions and anything else you have set up ie S1 form for health
  • You DO NOT need to apply for a carte sejour, and can live in France without this, it is not a legal obligation.  There maybe a new form of card introduced by the French, but this has yet to be clarified, however, there is likely to a period of time to register and apply.

There is a transition period from the 31st January 2020 until the 31st December 2020, which means this will be when arrangements are made between the UK and the EU and then put in to practice once we leave on the 31st December, 2020.

Is it a good time to buy French property?  If you’ve dreamed of moving to France then following your dream is still the same… registering in the system now could make it easier and maybe a little less paperwork than arriving after December 2020

Some key areas to consider for those planning a permanent move, will be access to healthcare and permanent residency. For those buying a holiday home, it’s unlikely much will change.

Will buying or selling a house change?  No, this is very unlikely, as this is the French system of house buying  and has no relevance to Brexit.  There maybe issues related to the value you can obtain with a mortgage, this will have to be discussed with your French bank if you are a British citizen.

Will I be able to open a French bank account?  There would be no reason why you couldn’t open a bank account.  There may be additional information that is required.

Will I be able to transfer money from the UK to France?  Yes, why would you not be able to.  Countries outside the EU transfer money.

Will I be able to get my pension?  Your UK pension should still be paid into your UK bank.

Will I have to have a residence card?  There is likely to be some form of residence application. If you are already living in France details and information of what you will need to do will be available in your local area from your Mairie.

Leaving the EU will not stop British people buying homes in France whether it’s for a permanent move or for holidays. Plenty of non-EU citizens, Aussies and Americans, for example – own property in France.


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Please note:  The information on this page is a summary of views and thoughts, and whilst we aim to provide accurate information the status of Brexit negotiations are changing and no one whether professional or otherwise can predict the outcome of what the government and EU countries will agree.