Private Property Sellers & Optimal Currency

Private Property Sellers have partnered with Optimal Currency to provide you the best possible service when you need to transfer funds internationally. If you are moving to France from overseas, bringing savings or pensions into France from a foreign country or are selling your French property and going home you will likely need to exchange currencies and transfer internationally. Our partnership with Optimal Currency is built on a long standing relationship with their experienced team and is designed to give you the peace of mind that a personal recommendation can give, adding a crucial element of trust when transferring significant sums of money.

Why use an FX (Foreign Exchange) company?

Here at Private Property Sellers we are constantly trying to improve our service to clients – vendors and buyers alike. Whether you are buying or selling it is always important to be savvy with your funds and make sure you make the most of your budget. Foreign Exchange specialists such as Optimal Currency help you save money compared to the banks here in France and overseas by offering more competitive exchange rates and lower or often no transfer fees. In our experience Optimal Currency can save you 3 or 4% when compared to traditional banks, which taken in the context of a €100,000 property means an extra €4000 to spend on your ideal home or the finish and fittings you really want!

Why Optimal Currency?

We strongly believe in the power of a personal recommendation. We recommend Optimal Currency because we know them and we know they look after our customers. Whether you are buying or selling a property through us or transferring living funds or even sending money to a friend or tradesperson, Optimal Currency’s dedicated and personable Currency Brokers will get to know your needs and help you get a great exchange rate. They will spend as much time as you want talking through the best available options and will help monitor the markets on your behalf to help get your timing right.

They are not pushy salespeople, we wouldn’t work with them if they were. There is no obligation to use them because we recommend Optimal but we know they will work hard to look after you, not just once, but for every currency need you’ll ever have. Optimal are really efficient at processing transfers and make the process quick and easy by combining cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned customer service. Give them a call and talk to them abut what you need to do, we know you’ll be glad you did.

What about security?

You can be safe in the knowledge that Optimal Currency will ensure the safety and security of your International Transfers. Optimal Currency are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the provision of payment services and for compliance with the Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations. As an Authorised Payment Institution (API) they hold the highest level of authorisation in the UK for making your payments. It also means they have to comply with strict rules on how their business is conducted, how they treat their customers and secure and protect customers funds and sensitive data. Optimal Currency’s Firm Registration Number (FRN) with the the FCA is 830790 and you can find them and information about them on the FCA Register

Speak to Optimal Currency

You can speak to one of Optimal Currency’s team on the phone or drop them an email and they will happily discuss your requirements and explain the process of moving your funds efficiently, whatever it is you need to do. You can open an account with Optimal Currency quickly, easily and it won’t cost or obligate you in any way.

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