Some of these reports are compulsory for the seller and some you may wish to have carried out as a purchaser.

It is generally the responsibility of the seller to provide details of the general condition or the building. This will not be a full structural survey.

Energy Performance (DPE Diagnostic Performance Energy)

This is a compulsory report when selling a house or apartment. This will provide the buyer with information on the insulation and other information related to the heating bills, usage of electricity and emissions of greenhouse gases and includes recommendations of how to improve these. The report is valid for 10 years. An energy rating must be displayed on all advertisements of properties for sale.

Asbestos (Amiante)

Compulsory on all properties that had planning permission prior to 1 July 1997. The report will detail any products which contain or risk containing asbestos and will general advice regarding security measure and instruct on work to be carried out. When asbestos is not found the report is valid for life.

Lead (Plomb)

Compulsory for houses built prior to 1st January 1949. This is to identify lead in paintwork. The report is valid for life if nothing is detected, one year if positive.

Termites/Fungal & Insect damage (Termites/Etat Parasitaire/Larve)

This is only obligatory in some regions however it is strongly recommended for buildings over 25 years. The report is only valid for 6 months. If a buyer purchases a property that has woodworm, whether aware or not the buyer may subsequently claim against the seller if this information was not made available at the time of sale.

Certificate of Surface Area (Loi Carrez)

Not required for houses, but if selling a flat in a shared building, (copropriete) this certificate is required and only needs to be renewed if work is carried out.

Gas (Gaz)

Compulsory diagnostic test required (etat de I’installation interieure de gaz) which are over 15 years old. This report is valid for three years.

Waste Water Drainage/Sewage (Assainissement Non Collectif)

From January 2011 this is compulsory when selling a home with private owned waste water drainage systems. It identifies that the installation of septic tanks/foul private water drainage conforms to regulations and functions correctly. If the inspections fails the buyer has one year from purchase date to carry out the necessary work. There is a government organisation (SPANC) Services Publics d’Assinissement Non Collectif, who will examine all private water drainage installations.


This is not normally done or obligatory. More often non-French buyers may wish to have this, at the their own cost.

Builders can also be asked to quote for potential work you may wish to have carried out prior to a purchase.
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Please note that the information provided may change and therefore it is the responsibility of the property owner or purchaser to ensure they check all legal requirements.