You’re ready to start advertising with us, so what next.

Prepare your property details to include:

  • Description of the property with key features, such as renovation work, extension, new roof etc..
  • If any valid guarantees still exists.
  • Include in your details total habitable space and the total plot size.
  • If you have a fosse, does it conform with current regulations.
  • DPE (just the energy and emission test).
  • Photos – Take them on a nice sunny day. Try not to have people or pets in the pictures, make sure rooms are tidy as this can distract from the property. We don’t limit photos on our website and recommend a good selection. We will use a selection for the youtube video. (landscape only for the video). We recommend a minimum size of 640 x 480
  • Plans help understand the layout, if you have these we can add to the websites.
  • Price – if you are advertising privately alongside an estate agent it is important to remember that your private listing needs to be less than that of the estate agents listing. The concept of marketing privately is to generate interest in your property for those buyers who want to purchase without the agent and understand the advantages this offers. If you advertise privately at the same price as the estate agent this may well have a negative impact on the enquiries we provide as buyers won’t see the benefit of a private sale.If you are not sure of the price of property in your area this link below provides details of property sold in the last 6 months. You can also ask your local Notaire for a valuation.
  • Link

    Your advert is now live and you need to prepare for viewings.

    First impressions really do count.

    When the potential buyer approaches your property it needs to look its best and whilst it may mean a little bit of time or money, if it’s the difference in achieving a sale then it has to be worth it.


  • Cut the lawn.
  • Weed and put flowers in pots.
  • Remove the washing from the line.
  • Pick up toys and put animals out of sight and sound if at all possible.
  • Inside:

    Have an order to take viewers round your property,(practice on a friend or family member)as this can impact with how the buyer remembers key points that make an impact, as well as special features need to be part of first impressions and revisited, by leading through them should this be required.

  • When entering a room stand to the side and let the buyers walk in, this helps with them envisaging it as their own space.
  • Ensure as much as possible areas are tidy and clear, the more clutter that is left about will distract them from actually looking at the property.
  • Try not to have too many people in the property for the viewing.
  • Remove pets and pet beds/toys and cat litter trays.
  • Open shutters/curtains and make sure fresher air has been blown through.
  • If it’s winter and you have a wood burner, light it and make sure the property is warm and welcoming.
  • Additional Information:

    As the owner you will have all the knowledge about your property and the local area. It can also further enhance you ability to secure a sale if the potential buyer has an information pack, this could include:

  • Length left on guarantees for work carried out.
  • Dates when work was carried out.
  • Services to heating etc..
  • Details of fosse.
  • DPE Report.
  • Cadastral documents and your sale Act de Vente in case you need to clarify any details.
  • Any planning permission still valid.
  • Interests/activities/restaurant in the local village/town area.
    • Whilst some of the above may feel unnecessary, if the buyer has come away from other viewings with nothing to reference back to, you stand a higher chance of making an impact.