Terms and Conditions

1  The Seller, (the person paying and advertising on PPS site) by selecting Private Property Sellers Ltd (PPS) advertising, this signifies that you have read our terms and conditions and understand the website (the site) and how we work.

2  To use our website and enquire about property you must agree to our terms and conditions and how we will direct your enquiry and share your information.  If you do not agree to these terms, please discontinue use of the Site and do not read or download any further information from the Site.

3  The terms and conditions of use as well as the content of the Site are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Various laws may change therefore whilst we try to provide accurate information we cannot guarantee that all the information we provide is correct and must therefore always be clarified by a legal service.

4  Private Property Sellers Ltd owners and agents operate this Site. All of the information contained in the Site is copyright property of Private Property Sellers Ltd owner, its suppliers or the private property owner or agents.

5  Advertisers need to be aware of copyright law and ensure they have the right to publish material (text and pictures) they supply for inclusion on this Site.

6  Any advertiser who fails to take note of copyright law and supplies material, either knowingly or unknowingly, that infringes such copyright, agrees to indemnify Private Property Sellers Ltd for any and all costs that may result from the use of such material.

7  We are a service for property owners wanting to advertise a property, and search facility for those seeking to buy a property. We do not inspect or provide content for any of the properties on our site. Photographs have been supplied by the advertiser or professional.  Every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information on the properties, and elsewhere on this Site, Private Property Sellers Ltd makes no warranties, express or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of content on this Site.

8  Updates to your advert on PPS website can be made directly by logging in. Private Property Sellers will make the updates to the external websites.  Included in your property advertising price is the price update, and any legal content, which will be amended across all the external websites.  If you require substantial changes to the text content and photos we may charge a fee for this.

9  Keeping PPS upto date about the situation of your property being available is important.  If you have an offer on your property or you withdraw it from the market please advise us to ensure that we can provide accurate information for potential buyers.

10  We will contact you from time to time with regards to your property, if we do not receive a response, we may remove your property from our advertising.  If we receive contact from a potential buyer who has not received a response from the referral to the owner we have provided, we may remove your property from the websites.  We recommend you check your ‘spam’ emails or contact us with a telephone number as an additional option for communication.

11  When using Private Property Sellers Ltd Site, you assume all risks associated with the use of the Site including any risk of your computer, software or data being damaged by a virus, software, or other files which might be transmitted or activated via the Private Property Sellers Ltd Site.

12  Private Property Sellers Ltd expressly disclaims any liability for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost revenues, lost profits or goodwill, resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained in the Site or websites we use to promote property.

13  An enquiry about a property listed on Private Property Sellers Ltd Site will be forwarded to Private Property Sellers and will then be forwarded direct to the owner. All the external site listing enquiries come to PPS and will be forwarded to the owner.  PPS will liaise direct with the owner and potential purchaser.   When you make an enquiry related to a property on the website, Private Property Sellers, takes no responsibility when we provide your enquiry contact information with the person who has registered to advertise a property as to how your information will be used.  We may also share your details with our Currency Partners, and this is stated on the relevant contact form.  If you do not wish to use the property enquiry form you can also contact us through our website ‘contact us’ form. The relevant tick boxes are provided for the user to make the choice. Private Property Sellers Ltd  is not responsible for technical or owners inability to respond to this information. Please check your spam to ensure you do not miss emails. We strongly recommend that if you wish to make a purchase of any property advertised on Private Property Sellers Ltd website that you seek legal advice.

14  Owners agree to respond within a timely manner to enquiries, maintain valid contact details and ensure their advert is kept up to date. We ask that all owners to provide truthful and accurate information to best describe their property.

15  Energy efficiency information DPE (Diagnostic de performance énergétique) is required to be displayed on the advert, we will not publish the advert without this information. If when listing a property you do not provide the DPE and we are unable to list your property on external websites we do not refund for lose of advertising on these sites or in publications.  It is the advertisers responsibility to provide all information required.

16  We reserve the right to promote properties on Private Property Sellers Ltd website in other areas we deem suitable, including but not limited to, other websites, social media platforms and printed publications conforming to the policy of the third party agents.

17  Video Marketing – if we will create a Youtube video of your property from the information you provide, the quality of display will  be determined by the quality of the photos that have been supplied and we can only use horizontal photos.  We take no responsibility for the end quality. We generally do not use photos with people in and can not use photos that have been taken by an estate agent or another company for the specific use to market your property by them.  The video will be added to any website that allows us, but we are not responsible for any changes made by these companies should they no longer offer this service.  The video running time will vary from 1-3 minutes maximum, but this will depend on the quality and content of photo’s. Your video will be added to our YouTube channel and we will share across media platforms. If your property advertising ends with us we will remove the video from our channel. We will in some cases not produce a video as the quality or quantity of photos supplied may be inadequate.  We do not make changes or amendments to the video after we have produced it.

18  Persons using this Site may contact any of the advertisers for the sole purpose of making personal enquiries about their property. Making contact for any other reason, commercial or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.

19  When you use any link on this Site you leave the Private Property Sellers Ltd Site and we are not responsible for the content of any websites accessed from these links. You access these websites at your sole risk.

20  We reserve the right to withdraw any advertisement (either wholly or in part) from the Site at any time and without prior notice if we deem the advert to be unsuitable for continued inclusion on the Site (for example, if a question arises over ownership, copyright infringement or complaints are received regarding the property). Private Property Sellers Ltd cannot be held liable for any costs or losses sustained due to the early removal of an advert from the Site. No refunds are given if an advert is withdrawn early on any  grounds.  Whilst we offer external website advertising for property, Private Property Sellers Ltd is not held responsible for changes made by external websites regarding the advertising requirements.  Private Property Sellers Ltd will meet the advertising requirements set by the external companies where possible, but can not make any guarantee that the changes the external companies make be implemented to ensure continued advertising on these websites, therefore we are unable to refund any payments but will aim to offer further advertising, whether extending or upgrading your advertising option through Private Property Sellers Ltd for the outstanding duration of the advertising period you have left on your property.

21 Whilst Private Property Sellers Ltd will list your property on the specified websites for your selected advertising package we do not guarantee the position on the websites or continuous visibility on the external sites as both position and rotation of your property on external websites may vary, but will be continuous on Private Property Sellers Ltd, within the terms and conditions of our advertising.

22  We provide an online platform for the owners to make a payment to list their property on the Site. This provides the owner with the ability to make online payments via Stripe, a secure payment platform, using their choice of payment cards. Although we provide the technical platform to enable such payments we are not responsible for the payment solutions themselves, in particular we are not responsible for any decision taken by Stripe or another provider to decline your payment. You shall not hold Private Property Sellers Ltd liable for any losses. If you need customer support in relation to an online payment, you should contact your bank or card provider direct. If a payment is made then the advertiser wishes to cancel before adding the property to the Site the purchase may request a refund within 7 days of making the payment. Private Property Sellers Ltd will refund minus any transaction charges that may have been incurred. It is the responsibility of the advertisers to make their circumstances known to Private Property Sellers Ltd of their wish to cancel, we will not pay any additional fees on the money held should you not request a refund.

23  Paying for advertising on a subscription options – we require the setup payment in order to create your property advert. Once we have created your property profile on PPS site you will then be required to pay the first months advertising. All subsequent payments will be required monthly via an invoice. Should payment not be received on the payment date due the property will be removed from all websites with immediate effect.  Should you wish to reinstate your property advert, we would require a setup fee, and it maybe that a new subscription would need to be created.  The payment system for your subscription is through a secure payment platform, Stripe, which you are able to cancel at anytime.  We do not make refunds, partial or otherwise once a monthly payment has been made. PPS is not responsible to the external payment system, and should your payment fail you will need to contact your bank.  PPS does not hold your payment details.

24  Refunds, for any reason a refund is made, we will not pay any additional fees on the money held, interest or otherwise.

25  Additional charges – as we clearly explain and the information is visible as to how we display your property and our process of marketing on our website, should you decide not to continue with our advertising once we have created your property profile on our website, you will be charged a minimum fee of £25 administration for this work we carried out.

26  Any property purchase is between the vendor and purchaser, Private Property Sellers Ltd cannot be held liable for any disagreements or misunderstandings that may occur. We do advise all users to seek professional advice for example from a French Notaire or Legal Service before entering into a purchase or sale.

27  Additional services – We offer a Bespoke Buyer Support Service and Seller Support Service, terms and conditions for these services are available.  Please contact us for further information.

28  A For Sale Board can be provided, at an additional fee, for the seller to promote their property if they wish. It is the sellers responsibility to fix the board within the boundaries of the property that they have advertised on Private Property Sellers Ltd and not on any other building or land not related to the said property. If any permission is required for the owner of the property to display the board it is the owners responsibility to secure this. Private Property Sellers Ltd take no responsibility for the erection or permission should it be required for the board.

29  If you consider any of the content posted on our site by an advertiser to be offensive, defamatory or libelous or otherwise inappropriate then please notify us such content by contacting us and giving details you consider the content to be inappropriate.

30  Send a Friend, you may forward material from our website to a third party, by using this tool you confirm that you have obtained prior consent to receive material from our site from any third parties to whom you send material.

31  Consideration should always be given to the nature of the contact in relation to the enquiry, you should therefore proceed with care and judgement when using the site.

32  Other services available through our website may provide separate terms and conditions and these will need to be requested by the website user.  PPS takes no responsibility for any terms not related to our service.

33 The advertiser agreement is governed by law of England and Wales, and the courts of England and Wales will have the exclusive jurisdiction over any claims arising.  You agree to comply with all applicable laws, status and regulations concerning your use of the Site.  Our Site is deemed to be completed within the United Kingdom and therefore shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of England and Wales.  Our Site is operated by Private Property Sellers Ltd.  We are registered in England and Wales under company number 09417691 and have our registered office in Manchester,  M1 2JQ, England.

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