SOLD – Advertised in July, with premium option and I have now signed the compromis de vente. Thank you for your service, I sold through one of your contacts ID18890 November 2019

SOLD – I recently decided to go down the private sale route to sell my holiday home in France, in an attempt to save adding the high estate agency fees to the price of the house – as in France all fees are paid by the buyer. The benefit of this is that the property can be marketed for a much lower figure (the actual real value of the bricks and mortar), which in turn generates more potential enquiries. Private Property Sellers was recommended to me by a friend who lives in France and I have to say I could not be happier with their service. PPS advertised my property on all of the major property sale websites, both in the UK and Europe and quite literally within hours of the entry going live I was getting enquiries. My house generated so much interest that in the end it was sold for 20K more than the advertised price in just 3 months – I call that a result! . ID17933 November 2019

UNDER OFFER – Thanks for your help – I think your service is a great idea. I shall certainly be looking out for our next property to buy through PPS! ID20687 November 2019

UNDER OFFER – Listed property on 12 month standard package, received a number of enquiries and viewings, and accepted offer within a month. ID19382 September 2019

UNDER OFFER – Offer with Private Private Property Sellers advertising with the 6 month standard option. Thank you. ID17598 June 2019

UNDER OFFER – Offer accepted in 3 months of advertising – We are pleased to say that we have accepted an offer from one of the contacts through PPS. We visited our village notaire, and we have begun the sale process. Clearly, putting our house on with PPS was the best decision we made. Thank you. ID14601 June 2019

SOLD – I just wanted to let you know that we have sold our property to a buyer through Private Property Sellers marketing. Many thanks. ID13625 May 2019

SOLD – Thank you so much for all your help in selling our property. We received three potential buyers in October and one of them offered us our full asking price and completed the purchase on 26 March 2019. We really appreciated the 20,000€ we have saved in commission and we will have no hesitation in recommending your services whenever we can. ID9218 March 2019

UNDER OFFER – Great News, we have accepted an offer on our house after just two weeks of being advertised through your service. Wow. ID 16240 February 2019

UNDER OFFER – Advertised in November 2018, and after only 3 months just to let you know that I’ve had an offer on my house. They saw it on Private Property Sellers, and rushed down to view it. Thanks for the advertising!!ID 11780 February 2019

UNDER OFFER – I’ve had a great response considering the time of year and extremely pleased with private property sellers arrangement. I had lots more viewing than the estate agents, and 2 other people were very interested in buying it.  ID 14698 February 2019

FEEDBACK – Within a month of advertising, (Dec 2018) I’ve had a good response to the advert via the private advertising, including a 2nd viewing today by a couple who came over from New York specifically to see it, another viewing booked for Saturday and one next week. Fingers crossed it sells soon. ID 14698

SOLD – We are pleased to inform you that our house has sold via your website. Thank you for your assistance. ID 13735 – January 2019

OFFER ACCEPTED – At long last some good news.  Most of the viewers were from your site. We sacked two agents as they were useless. Thanks for everything. ID 13178 December 2018

UNDER OFFER – Dear Anne, We are pleased to say that the couple you have introduced through your marketing have made an offer for the full price of our property and we are now in touch with the Notiare.  ID 9218 – November 2018

FEEDBACK SO FAR – After only 3 months I would like to say we originally advertised with an agent, and after 6 months with no viewings listed with PPS and one of your direct competitors.  PPS is the only one where we have had requests for information and viewings.  We have had 4 viewings and currently have one couple who are interested but need to sell their house, as well as a Dutch couple.  PPS obviously have the right mix of websites because it worksID 13059 September 2018

THANK YOU – Private Property Sellers, I put my French house on your websites fully expecting it would take at least two years to sell.  Now less than a year later I have sold to French people, through your wonderful site and am starting my new live in Portugal.  I bought the full package which included a ‘for sale’ sign which I put on the front of my building.  I tried Le Bon Coin, again bought their full package but not a nibble.  Thank you again PPSID Pamela Jeen September 2018

SOLD – Thank you very much Anne, the house is now sold (ID12953) through PPS marketing within SIX DAYS.  We now recommend your site to everyone who asks.  Well done!”  ID 12953

LOADS OF ENQUIRIES –  “I have recommended your site to others looking to sell” ID11440 August 2018

SOLD – Another happy property owner achieving a sale within 9 months of advertising with us. Hi Anne, just to let you know I have sold my house through your website and needless to say I am very pleased and thank you for all of your help” ID10730  June 2018

FANTASTIC – I have recommend this service to two friends who have both had their property on the market for over a year and both have now old within 5 weeks of instructing Private Property Sellers Ltd.  Fantastic!  Facebook feedback.  June 2018

SOLD –  Anne, I just wanted to let you know that we have now sold our house (thank you) with one of the enquiries through you on your premium option in 8 months of advertising.   The enquiries we have had through your company has far outweighed any from the estate agents we tried.  We have been recommending your company to all our friends.  Thank you for your excellent service, kind regards ID Rob

SSTC – We are very pleased to say the contact came from Private Property Sellers, and we’ve only been advertising for 3 months on your premium option.  ID 10861 January 2018

SOLD – We have had a steady stream of viewings since we signed up with Private Property Sellers in March this year and between August and October, we received FOUR offers!  The estate agents we were with hadn’t sent anyone to view our Chambre d’Hotes in 16 months!! Our buyers had already sold in the UK so we went straight to Compromis de Vente with final sale date set for January 2018.  I can highly recommend Anne Stapleton and the professional service she offers with Private Property Sellers to anyone who is disillusioned with their current agent in France.  Thanks again Anne, for all your help.  ID 8885 November 2017

SOLD –  Hello Anne, just to let you know that the sale of our property completed on the 25th August 2017, (within 4 months of advertising with your premium option).  As you know we had a steady stream of enquiries.  Have recommended you to several other people so thank you for your efforts. P. Homer, Burgundy ID 9587 September 2017

UNDER OFFER – We are about to complete on our sale which we’ve achieved through PPS.  We’ve had enquiries from the UK, France and across Europe.  I have recommended PPS to lots of friends so I hope you get lots more business. Thank you.  ID 7393 August 2017

UNDER OFFER –  within the month, delighted with the service from  PPS, with a number of enquiries within the month.  We’re saving money with a private sale and the buyer doesn’t have any agent fees.  ID 9689

ID 6916 – Just wanted to let you know if you’d like to expand our testimonial in view of the imminent show here are further comments:  we sold the house in March to the first viewer who’d seen it on your website.  We have already recommended your company to other expat sellers in ur area.  We hope you go from strength to strength.

EASY AND DEDICATED – First time I’ve needed this service.  David Bayliss at Foremost Currency, who is avialble to contact via PPS website contacted me as I have used Private Property Sellers to find our ideal farm in France.  Paying the 10% deposit was easy through David.  he explained everything very well and also offered the best exchange rate on the day.  Would highly recommend his service at Foremost Currency. Jule Lewellyn (buyer) April 2017

UNDER OFFER – Buyer had seen our property with the estate agent, but with the fees it was too expensive.  We advertised with PPS in March 2017, without the agent fee added to our property price and in less than a month we have accepted an offer, (3 enquires within 2 weeks).  the buyer has saved 15000€ and we’ve achieved a sale.  Very pleased we advertise with PPS.  ID 8757 April 2017

UNDER OFFER – We were advertising with estate agents but sold privately with a number of enquiries from PPS.  Have recommended PPS to friends, thank you. ID 7392 March 2017

UNDER OFFER –  We could have lost our sale if we’d not been advertising privately with PPS.  Buyer tried to make appointment to view our house through estate agent, and was told to come back in 2 weeks time.  Buyer found our property with PPS, contacted Anne, and a viewing was arranged that day.  We don’t know how many times this may have happened but at least the choice of listing privately has meant a professional service, available 7 days a week.  We’ve achieve a property sale price we wanted by not having to negotiate down to accommodate the agent fee, and the buyer has saved thousands on estate agent fees.  ID 3973 

UNDER OFFER –  I came across PPS through their social media marketing and having had no luck with estate agents in the area and no viewings at all, decided to take the plunge and try to sell the house ourselves.  Their website is really user friendly and someone always emails back very promptly if you need any help.  We were able to put a long description for the house, lots of photos and a link to our website.  We have viewers from the UK, Spain and Holland, showing just how many people this website is reaching.  Within 6 months we have had an offer which we’ve just accepted.  Would happily recommend using Private Property Sellers if you want to get your property sold.  ID 6952 January 2017

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK –  I would just like to say how pleased we are with the responses to our advertisement with PPS in just 3 months and particularly the You Tube video.  We’ve received more enquiries from our advertising with PPS than our other property adverts and agents.  ID January 2017 

UNDER OFFER – Dear Anne, we have received an offer from the Belgian couple who have been interested in our property from the very first week of advertising with you in August 2016.  Hoping to move in the Spring. Thank you.  ID 7242 January 2017

OFFER ACCEPTED – Just to let you know that we’ve accepted an offer from one of your contacts who saw our house on your website within 6 months of advertising.  Many thanks for your advice and prompt response to all my queries. ID 6916 December 2016

SOLD – after listing with PPS in August (only 4 months of advertising) and receiving a number of enquiries the property is now under offer.  ID 7229 November 2016

SOLD –  within 3 months.  If you want excellent, far reaching, good value marketing then you need look no further than PPS.  I needed to sell our property in a market with a huge choice, added to this uncertainty from the result of the Brexit vote.  We registered with 4 estate agents, no enquiries.  I purchased the basic 3 month package with PPS, this lead to enquiries and an offer in the 3 months I was registered.  I’d not hesitate to recommend this company.  ID 7096 October 2016

SOLD –  after 4 months of advertising with PPS.  In the nicest possible way, I hope that I won’t need to contact you again, but thank you for all the help and support you’ve given me.  I do tell everyone who’s even thinking about selling their house to get in touch with you.  ID 6129 July 2016

SOLD – My property is under offer as a direct result of me following up on a lead through yourselves and after 4 months of advertising with you. Thank you.  I have another property that I would like to advertise shortly and I’ve recommended you to friends.  ID 6314 July 2016

SOLD – as a direct result of PPS marketing, and it was with the AV board, from Dutch on holiday in the area.  Absolutely delighted with the service and have recommended you to many people in my area who are struggling to sell.  You’ve been available 7 days a week and provide advice and support when needed.  ID 4854  August 2016 

SOLD –  I have just accepted an offer on my property as a result of my advert with you, after 4 months of advertising with PPS ltd. ID 5312 May 2016

SOLD – We’ve accepted an offer in 4 months of advertising.  Since advertising in January 2016, we have received several enquiries and visits and two offers, whereas, we have had a string of inappropriate visits via the local agent.  ID 5593 January 2016

SOLD – Great news and another success for you guys!  We have accepted an offer, it was PPS that did it in 6 months. ID 4494

SOLD – I am pleased to say we have sold our property via your site.  We have signed the Compomis de Vente and the cooling off period has expired.  I can’t thank you enough because the sale is entirely down to you due to the number of enquries we have had via PPS.  We are spreading the word around about your service. ID 

THANK YOU –  for all your help, from marketing our property through to achieving a sale, Anne has been there to answer questions and put us in contact with various services.  Great support and value for money marketing. ID Mr & Mrs K 2015

SOLD – I need to advise you that we have successful in finding a buyer for our property from Sri Lanka through your marketing, thank you for your terrific website.  I shall certainly tell our friends of our success ID 3930 

AMAZING –  You have clearly done all that I asked for with amazing clarity.  Thank you for your positive, helpful and courteous response.  ID  Mrs S 2015

LOADS OF ENQUIRIES –  we received loads of enquiries through your website, thank you.  We have recommended you to some of our friends. Oct 2015

SOLD – Everyone who asks me how I managed to sell so quickly and where it was advertised have been given your details.  I will get your name out there with my friends and clients. Mr & Mrs G 2015